Solarcity Embassador to Expand in Houston Area in 2017

solar city reviewToday, the cost of energy is much more expensive than it used to be a few decades ago. With oil prices inflating day-in day-out and hydroelectric power becoming harder to afford, most US citizens are looking for not only cheaper but also green sources of energy.

Solar energy is one of the most readily available green energy. If harnessed efficiently, solar energy can come in handy to those who desire to reduce their monthly bills. It is important to know that your savings will increase gradually. However, solar panels and installation costs can be quite expensive. The good news is that solar city is here to make things easier for you. It has the best solar systems and installation services.

What Exactly Is Solar City?

Solar city is America’s number one solar power provider. It ensures that homeowners, schools, businesses and organizations gain access to green energy at an affordable price. For companies looking for a cheaper way of running their machines, solar city is where you belong.

With the help of its high skilled technicians, this company installs solar systems to the highest engineering standards. This makes it easier for customers to switch from grid to solar electricity.

It offers services to customers in over 19 states hence covering more than 400 schools and thousands of homeowners. The company has over 75 operation centers making it easy for customers to gain access to services from any location within USA.

How Does The  Program Work?

The company aims at providing green energy to customers at an affordable price. It takes a closer look at how its customers spend energy, Analyze the findings and look for possibilities for improvements.

Solar city  Ambassador doesn’t want to get you involved in any hectic and complex analysis or installation. It carries out the whole installation process, repair and monitoring services. In fact, it is the only company offering design, integrated sales, financing, monitoring and efficiency and installation services from one package. It doesn’t involve expensive and unnecessary third parties.

There is also a solar lease agreement which enables you to start with $0 down payment. This is a more affordable and better investment than purchasing a whole solar system with cash. According to the agreement, you will make payments for the installation within the allocated time span. The package comes with:
· Insurance Coverage – It covers any theft and damage risks.
· System Monitoring – Solar city tracks down how the system is running and in case of any glitches, technicians are alerted and dispatched.
· Repair Services – Since the product still belongs to solar city, it takes care of any repair costs with no additional costs.
When working with solar city, you will go through a 4-step process:
1. Free solar consultation
2. Signing of an agreement.
3. Getting a solar system design.
4. 1 day installation.
5. Turing on the power.

What Makes Solar City Better Than Other Companies?

Unlike other companies, solar city offers an outstanding protection. Its warranty covers all repairs necessary in the system for over 30 years. It has online monitoring system which keeps the panels running efficiently 24/7. In case customers desire to sell their homes, solar city makes it easy for them to transfer the system.

It has a MySolarCity mobile app which enables homeowners to keep track of how their systems are working. Solar city is simply the best when it comes to solar power installation in USA. It is cheaper, reliable and trustworthy. Try it today.

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